Partial & Full Dentures

Partial & Full Dentures in Fort Atkinson, WI

A missing tooth need not come in the way of eating, speaking, and smiling with confidence. Please call our denture specialists near you for partials, full-set dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants to restore your smile.

Benefits of Partials and Full Dentures

Despite advances in restoration dentistry, partials, and full dentures in Fort Atkinson, WI, continue to be a popular option for patients looking to complete their smile. They do not require invasive procedures, are cost-effective, and are relatively easy to maintain. After carefully evaluating the oral cavity, we will determine the right partials or full dentures for your needs.

If you are already missing most of your upper or lower teeth or both, our dentists at Highland Dental may extract one or more remaining teeth and fit you out with comfortable dentures instead.

What Are Partials?

Partials are artificial teeth that can be used to restore a single missing or a few missing teeth. They are attached to neighboring teeth with the help of precision attachments or metal clasps. Partial dentures near you are personalized restorations that are designed to be lightweight and aesthetic. Chromium, cobalt, or plastic are the common materials that are used to fabricate partials.

They can be removed at night and re-inserted during the day.

Are Full Dentures Better Than Partials?

Full permanent dentures are designed to reinstate an entire upper or lower arch. They are held in place with the help of suction or adhesive and can improve chewing and speaking functionalities. Modern dentures are aesthetic and snug and rest on the gum line. They no longer feel bulky and uncomfortable like older models.

Our highly trained dentists will take multiple impressions of your oral cavity and get a temporary set of dentures fabricated. Once you schedule a consultation at Highland Dental, we will request you to try on the dentures and make any required adjustments. The dental lab will then make the final dentures for your needs. You can keep your dentures clean by using a soft toothbrush and cleaning out food debris after meals.

Please get in touch with Highland Dental to get custom-fitted partials and full dentures near you.